Teaching Oral Care to Young Children

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To the dismay of many parents, there is no true training manual when it comes to raising children, and this can make it difficult to know when they are ready to begin learning important habits such as proper oral care. Fortunately, our dental team can provide some guidelines on teaching your child efficient oral health care habits, such as proper tooth brushing.

To ensure your child has a good foundation for oral health, it’s recommended that they begin learning about dental care at a young age so that these healthy habits can remain with them for a lifetime and help them to maintain excellent dental health. Our friendly dentist and team care about your child’s oral health, and we are always happy to offer tips on how to teach kids about brushing their teeth.

Young children don’t instinctively know how to properly use a toothbrush and clean every area of their teeth. They look to you for both guidance and assistance. Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush with a head that can easily fit in their small mouths, and show them how to angle their brush at 45 degrees along the gums and teeth. When brushing, move the brush in gentle circular motions along the teeth and gums. Don’t forget to clean the tongue as well to remove bacteria that can lead to bad breath.

Your child should begin visiting the dentist within six months of receiving their first tooth, or around the time of their first birthday. Early exposure to the dental office will help them feel more comfortable with the dentist and receive important dental care that can benefit them for a lifetime. If you need to schedule an appointment for your child at Carson City Pediatric Dentistry and Dayton Pediatric Dentistry or would like to speak with Dr. Kevin Olson or Dr. Jeremy John about dental care for children in Carson City, Nevada, give us a call at 775-461-3800 today.