All About the Tooth Fairy

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Do you want to help your child enjoy losing their baby teeth? If so, our dentists, Dr. Kevin Olson, and Dr. Jeremy John encourage you to tell your child all about the Tooth Fairy! The Tooth Fairy is a mythical creature that visits all the children when they lose their little baby teeth. When introducing the Tooth Fairy to your child, you can share the following Tooth Fairy details:

-The Tooth Fairy started her career visiting children in Europe. Then she broadened her horizons as children across the world started hearing of her visits.

-The Tooth Fairy visits children when they lose teeth and place those teeth under their pillows.

-When the Tooth Fairy visits children, she takes the tooth and replaces it with a treasure. Some of those treasures include money, trinkets and even puzzles.

-The Tooth Fairy is very quiet and only visits when children are asleep. She can’t be caught!

-The Tooth Fairy is very kind and caring. In fact, she loves all the children very much!

-You can help the Tooth Fairy by making sure the teeth are healthy and clean. You can also help her by keeping track of all the teeth you lose and by leaving a sign on your door saying you’re ready for a visit!

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